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Yangchai Diesel Generator

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Weichai Power Yangzhou Diesel Engine CO.LTD has more than 40 years experience in designing and mating engines and cooperate with world famous R&D institution such as AVL and ELSBETT.
1.The engine has more characteristics: the great horse power, the low oil consumption, the superior performance, the nimble configuration, multiple ports output and so on.
2.Oil change time extended 1/3 than the peers because of special design.
3.Low Noise The application of optimizing front gear system dynamic balance technology made engine small vibration and low noise.
4.According to different environment, we can choose different water tank, muffler and air filter. The compact design is adapt to narrow silent genset.
5.Energy conservation and environmental protection Adopts P type fuel injector.


Frequency 50HZ

Engine Model Detail Data
HQWY15GF 15 18.75 WP2.1D18E2 Download PDF technical data
HQWY20GF 20 25 WP2.5D22E2 Download PDF technical data
HQWY30GF 30 37.5 WP3.9D33E2 Download PDF technical data
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