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diesel genset fault

Update:2016-08-07 16:20Author:admin
Diesel generator set fault analysis

Change the "big horse-drawn cart" approach commonly used in Rod-pumped well "big machine with a small water pump." Is really a waste. Improvements: increase the engine pulley, engine running speed increase pump speed, flow, head increase for energy conservation purposes.

Adjust the Volvo diesel genset fuel injectors fuel pressure fuel injector fuel injection pressure of 120+5 kilograms per square centimeter. When the fuel injection pressure is less than 100 kilograms per square centimeter, and 10-20 increases fuel consumption g/kWh, direct comparison method to check and adjust the pressure on the fuel injection pump.

Fuel purification before the fault more than half come from the fuel supply system of diesel engine. Solution is: buy 2-4 day use of diesel use precipitation, precipitation 98% impurities if bought now, in tank fuel filter put two layers of cloth or toilet paper.



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