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Lovol 1000 series diesel engine with in line pump for disel genset

Update:2015-08-19 15:28Author:Huaquan Power
Lovol diesel genset engine features,help you know well electric generator and generator price

Lovol 1000 series diesel engine with in line pump for genset, good features for diesel genset.

This will help you know well about the electrica generator and generator price,let you know detailed quality worth its price etc.

Engine Advantage:

1.High power Density----More power than competitive models at similar displacement, the power of 3-cylinder engine can reach that of 4-cylinder engine.

2.Low fuel consumption --Adopt European patent combustion chamber which can reduce fuel consumption,emission and noise.Meanwhile increase engine power.

3.Good  Cold Start Performance-Start normally at -10 degree celsius,without preheating device.Start smoothly at-25 degree celsius through flame preheating device.

4.Stability &Reliability---Stable and reliable engine performance , with good market feedback.



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