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  • [News] South Korea customer third time to come to our company for order Update:2016-08-18 16:39:44

    South Korea customer third time to come to our company for order. The customer choose yuchai diesel generator ,In accordance with the requirements of customers to produce special products. We are grateful of customers support and faith, wh...

  • [News] Cloud management and monitoring from HQ power Update:2016-08-17 16:08:06

    If you want to knowCloud management and monitoring,please click this link. With the development of technology, HQ POWER had launched a new control system in the diesel machine. HQ POWER has eq...

  • [News] Low power factor operation Update:2016-08-16 16:33:22

    When china diesel generator is runningin the case of low power factor, will increased Reed magnetic system of burden, to not beyond full load rated workers condition Shi of Reed magnetic current. In order to avoid into phase run, cannot pu...

  • [News] Oil Spill Prevention Measures of diesel genset Update:2016-08-15 16:20:51

    Diesel Genset Oil Spill Prevention Measures: 1, remove process synchronization in operational law, both of them simultaneously, as far as possible uniform twist the bolt. 2, there are conditions where puller as possible, in order to fundam...

  • [News] provide best after-sales Service for you Update:2016-08-11 16:45:30

    Shandong huaquan power co.,ltd always makes efforts to improve the pre-sales and after-sales services and market exploration. The product sales volume and market share get increase year by year since its establishment. Our company have an...

  • [News] introduction of 100kw volvo penta diesel generator Update:2016-08-09 16:31:50

    Introduce 100kw/125kva volvo penta diesel generator for you. We can provide you 3kw to 2400kw diesel generator,and we have volvo cummins,perkins,weichai,yuchai,ricardo brand and so on. 1.Specificationofgenset Gensetsmodel HQ100GF Primepowe...

  • [News] 1500kva cummins diesel genset Update:2016-08-08 16:04:06

    Shandong huaquan power co.,ltd as professional diesel genset manufacturer,introduce cummins 1500kva diesel genset for you. Cummins diesel genset suitable as main power supply,can use continuous 1500 hours 1. Specification of genset Genset...

  • [News] diesel genset fault Update:2016-08-07 16:20:38

    Diesel generator set fault analysis...

  • [News] shandong huaquan power co.,ltd employee activity Update:2016-08-04 16:32:47

    Because of the busy work, we dont have much time to exercise. In every morning, our company all staff will participate in the activity. To do so, you can better improve team cohesion and promote the relationship between the employees....

  • [News] Bangladesh customer came to our company for buy ATS diesel genset Update:2016-07-29 16:56:06

    Today,Bangladeshcustomer came to our company for place order. The customer want to buy 200kw ATS diesel genset. After negotiations,our company successfully reached an agreement with customer. The customer buy ricardo diesel genset ,at the...

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