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  • [Company News] Diesel generator operation note Update:2018-02-10 14:26:18

    Diesel generator operation note: 1. AC ammeter: the needle indicates whether the normal, change the current switch, measure the phase between the phase current value, the phase difference is better not more than 10%. 2. AC voltmeter: the n...

  • [Company News] Main points of maintenance for diesel generator sets Update:2018-01-22 08:33:33

    Do a good job for the maintenance of diesel generating units that can effectively improve the equipment intact rate, utilization and productivity, and reduce the equipment life cycle maintenance costs and other non-normal expenses, reduce...

  • [Company News] The solution of power shortage of diesel generator set Update:2018-01-12 10:10:36

    Diesel generator set power shortage solutions are as follows: check whether the diesel contains too much water or the rain into the diesel and so on. If the diesel quality meets the requirements, should be take the next step for checkin...

  • [Company News] Proper use of diesel generator sets Update:2017-12-20 08:59:12

    At present, the application of diesel generators is very wide, in the road traffic, manufacturing enterprises and other occasions all you can see the shadow. As a diesel generator set users, what precautions when we are using them? To exte...

  • [Company News] Causes of insufficient power of diesel generators Update:2017-12-11 15:50:27

    Resulting in diesel generator power is not enough the generator assembly integration strict restrictions after the factory commissioning and testing to achieve the best diesel fuel consumption and national power transformation the followin...

  • [Company News] Diesel engine fuel injector is introduced Update:2017-12-05 14:10:37

    Diesel engine fuel injector is one of the precision parts, and the gap between the needle valve and needle valve only 0.002 ~ 0.003 mm. Nozzle in the shape of the fuel system is a very important parameter, the spray quality, injection, in...

  • [Company News] Diesel generator sets in winter use and maintenance should pay attention to what Update:2017-11-29 08:41:39

    Diesel generator sets in the winter use and maintenance should pay attention to matters: One, bogey waterproof or too cold water. Diesel generator set to idle before the idle operation, to be cooling water temperature dropped to below 60...

  • [Company News] How to properly maintain the diesel engine fire pump Update:2017-11-22 15:10:13

    The correct maintenance of diesel generator parts 1, correct maintenance of diesel engine fire pump, general is to prepare preventive maintenance, this is the easiest and most economical maintenance, but also prolong the service life and r...

  • [Company News] Engine speed fault phenomenon and the cause of the problem Update:2017-11-14 13:14:29

    Engine speed fault phenomenon and the cause of the problem 1, fault phenomenon in normal operation, a sudden increase in engine speed, even more than rated speed disease turn not to lose control. And a huge roar, exhaust pipe smoke a lot o...

  • [Company News] Causes of Excessive Metamorphism of Diesel Generating Set Update:2017-11-08 13:23:40

    After 500h running need the replacement of oil once, but sometimes not to the replacement with period, or not long time to appear oil thinning, impurity phenomenon, can not continue to use. Diesel generator unit oil deterioration main reas...

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