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  • [Company News] improper operation of diesel engine fault Update:2017-11-03 10:42:27

    Due to improper operation of diesel engine fault, in the diesel engine fault in a large proportion, mainly in the following aspects 1, diesel engine cold start Meng throttle. Some of the drivers in the cold start of the diesel engine after...

  • [Company News] Fault treatment of thermostat in cooling system Update:2017-10-29 13:16:38

    The thermostat in the cooling system of fault handling fault phenomenon: the engine is overheating. The failure occurs very quickly. troubleshooting: if the engine overheating and the fault quickly, the thermostat may have a problem. If th...

  • [Company News] The Top Six Signs for Diesel Generating Sets Overhaul Update:2017-10-23 15:00:08

    All the customer who use of diesel generators know that: during the operation, need regular maintenance and testing,after diesel generators use a certain number of years should be carried out the large-scale maintenance , the Huaquan Power...

  • [Company News] The basic structure of diesel generators Update:2017-10-16 15:26:57

    Diesel generator is a small power generation equipment, refers to the diesel and other fuel, diesel engine as the prime power to drive the alternator working. The whole unit is usually composed of diesel engine, alternator £¬control panel...

  • [Company News] What are the requirements for the safety operation of diesel generating sets Update:2017-10-11 16:02:28

    The safety of the diesel generator set operating rules 1, keep the battery to start motor starting voltage. 2, maintain normal radiator cooling water level, circulating water valve is normally open. 3, crankcase oil level to keep the volum...

  • [Company News] Acceptance of diesel generator set Update:2017-09-30 13:58:56

    The acceptance notice about diesel generator set customers in after will have a good diesel generating sets of choose and buy the goods arrived in the process of acceptance, after detailed check of diesel generator set, customers think tha...

  • [Company News] Diesel generator the basic mechanism Update:2017-09-25 15:38:05

    Diesel generator the basic mechanism The basic structure of the diesel generator is made up of diesel engine and generator and diesel generator is driven by electricity generation. First of all, according to the basic structure of a diesel...

  • [Company News] A method for judging the failures of diesel engine by sound rules Update:2017-09-19 08:54:27

    A method for judging the failures of diesel engine by sound rules In the early years, diesel engine can only be used in need of big traction force of agricultural machinery, but nowadays with the development of diesel engine technology£¬ m...

  • [Company News] Reasons for Abnormal Sound of Diesel Generator Piston Ring parts Update:2017-09-12 15:37:11

    Diesel generator piston ring parts of the abnormal sound mainly including ring of the metal percussion, the piston ring leakage sound and excessive carbon caused by abnormal sound. (1) Piston ring metal knock sound. After the engine is wor...

  • [Company News] Preparation and inspection before the generator starting Update:2017-09-02 09:28:58

    Preparation and inspection before the generator starting In general, we will be surprised how the diesel generator manufacturers check the operation of the unit, after all, as a diesel generator users, we do not have too much knowledge.But...

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