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  • [Industry News] The maintenance process of electric generator Update:2015-01-06 15:43:46

    The electric generator maintenance, in order to protect the integrity and safe operation of the electric generator, ensure that the mains power can be put to use in a timely manner to ensure normal power supply. Here, Id like to introduce...

  • [Industry News] How to reduce heat in using electric generator£¿ Update:2015-01-06 15:40:00

    In summer, due to high temperatures, how to reduce noise and heat in using electric generator is an important problem to us. For this reason, Weifang huaquan power machinery co.,ltd give you some suggestions that be useful when using elect...

  • [News] Function introduction about ATS generator diesel Update:2014-12-31 09:33:11

    ATS generator diesel, experienced three stages of relay control, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control and intelligent controller , intelligent controller gradually from the end of the last century, beginning by the microcomputer and...

  • [News] The preparing work before starting engine generator in winter Update:2014-12-30 15:28:31

    Huaquan Power tell you about the preparatory work before starts engine generator in winter . In winter, before the unit starts, firstly make sure that the oil supply system of the generator diesel is good, secondly is to ensure the capacit...

  • [News] The right storage of generator diesel Update:2014-12-30 14:17:18

    First of all, the generator diesl should be processed overall cleaning and processing before storage. And then replace with new oil, completely let go of the water inside the tank, in order to avoid the consequences of the occurrence of ru...

  • [News] What cause high-temperature in power generator running? Update:2014-12-30 14:08:02

    If power generator temperature is too high , it would cause an accident, therefore, in the process of running diesel generators, cold water must be input constantly, to make sure the power generator get good circulation . What will cause h...

  • [News] How to save fuel when you use electric generator Update:2014-12-30 13:38:52

    Next are some tips of how to save fuel when using electric generator. 1. Increase the temperature of cooling water before using electric generator Temperature increasing can make a more complete combustion of diesel, oil viscosity is small...

  • [News] Some Notice about Generator Diesel Installation Update:2014-12-29 09:18:27

    Next are some notice about diesel generator installation. 1, First, the site should be with good ventilation and big enough for the diesel generator, at least 1.5 times the areaof the generator diesel . 2, around the installation site shou...

  • [News] How to start diesel generator in Winter Update:2014-12-27 15:11:43

    In the cold winter, good maintenance of diesel generators in winter is very important for prolonging the life of the diesel generators. What should we do when start the diesel generator in winter? And what should we pay attention to when u...

  • [News] Three precursor before trouble appears about the generator d Update:2014-12-27 15:01:05

    We introduce three precursor before trouble appears about the generator diesel : Valve fall into the cylinder precursor Valve falling into the cylinder , generally due to the valve stem broken, broken valve spring, valve spring seat crack,...

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