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  • [Company News] How to deal with Transformer overload Update:2017-06-01 16:23:25

    When operation of the transformer overload, the alarm ring to overload and high temperature light plate signal, the ammeter may appear to exceed the rated value, active, reactive meter increased. When the engineer on duty meet above-mentio...

  • [Company News] Knowledge of generator insulation resistance measurement Update:2017-05-27 09:52:47

    Electrical insulation resistance measuring knowledge Maintenance of the normal work of the generator , winding and maintenance work is mainly regular clean, moistureproof, prevent mechanical damage, prevent overload, overheating and ensure...

  • [Company News] Avoid butter to abuse Update:2017-05-24 15:32:52

    Avoid butter to abuse Cylinder pad with butter. Butter is a common engineering machinery maintenance of oils and fats, can play a role in lubrication and seal. As a result, some repair work, the installation of the gasket, it will be in th...

  • [Company News] A reasonable method for adjusting the fuel injection advance angle of diesel generator Update:2017-05-22 14:13:26

    Reasonable adjustment of diesel generator fuel injection advance Angle method 1, remove the 200 kw generator 1 cylinder of high pressure tubing, rotate the crankshaft to make 1 cylinder piston in the expansion cycle starting point, the wh...

  • [Company News] Analysis of the causes of difficulty in starting diesel engine Update:2017-05-18 19:00:01

    Analysis of the causes of difficulty in starting the diesel engine 1, the weather is cold. Usually less than 0 degrees, even though the diesel engine parts are normal, it is also difficult to start. Before starting ,preheating machine must...

  • [Company News] An overview of biogas power generation systems Update:2017-05-14 14:46:34

    An overview of biogas power generation systems Form the main equipment of biogas power generation systems and biogas engine, generator and heat recovery unit. Biogas desulfurization agent by the supply of natural gas engine, storage tank s...

  • [Company News] Abnormal smoke of diesel engine Update:2017-05-04 08:53:17

    The anomaly of diesel engine smoke First, smoke Causes: that part in the cylinder diesel atomized particles unburned is expelled. Generally there are three kinds of reasons that cause the: it is too much oil, over load operation of diesel...

  • [Industry News] The capacity of a diesel generating set, usually in the case of how we choose to buy Update:2017-04-28 15:42:32

    Diesel generator capacity selection methods In a general civil building modern a href= generator/a for fire in fire load, usually provide backup power for critical loads. The capacity of the diesel generat...

  • [Company News] Attention to the use of Weifang power generating units Update:2017-04-26 17:29:01

    Weifang generator using matters needing attention Maintenance is recovering card performance and prolong its service life. However, in the process of actual operation, some use and maintenance personnel, however, there are many mistake, af...

  • [Company News] Analysis of common failure causes of piston ring of diesel engine Update:2017-04-22 10:42:18

    A common fault reason analysis of diesel engine piston ring common faults of diesel engine piston ring: run gas, counterpart, contusion, broken, killed, oil, etc. The cause of the problem: 1, piston ring, the ring opening stagger position...

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