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  • [Company News] An overview of biogas power generation systems Update:2017-05-14 14:46:34

    An overview of biogas power generation systems Form the main equipment of biogas power generation systems and biogas engine, generator and heat recovery unit. Biogas desulfurization agent by the supply of natural gas engine, storage tank s...

  • [Company News] Abnormal smoke of diesel engine Update:2017-05-04 08:53:17

    The anomaly of diesel engine smoke First, smoke Causes: that part in the cylinder diesel atomized particles unburned is expelled. Generally there are three kinds of reasons that cause the: it is too much oil, over load operation of diesel...

  • [Industry News] The capacity of a diesel generating set, usually in the case of how we choose to buy Update:2017-04-28 15:42:32

    Diesel generator capacity selection methods In a general civil building modern a href= generator/a for fire in fire load, usually provide backup power for critical loads. The capacity of the diesel generat...

  • [Company News] Attention to the use of Weifang power generating units Update:2017-04-26 17:29:01

    Weifang generator using matters needing attention Maintenance is recovering card performance and prolong its service life. However, in the process of actual operation, some use and maintenance personnel, however, there are many mistake, af...

  • [Company News] Analysis of common failure causes of piston ring of diesel engine Update:2017-04-22 10:42:18

    A common fault reason analysis of diesel engine piston ring common faults of diesel engine piston ring: run gas, counterpart, contusion, broken, killed, oil, etc. The cause of the problem: 1, piston ring, the ring opening stagger position...

  • [Company News] Assembly key points of piston rod assembly for diesel generator Update:2017-04-19 15:27:58

    The piston connecting rod set of diesel generator assembly points Diesel generator piston connecting rod set of assembly of several main points are as follows: One, the connecting rod copper set of installation. When installing copper conn...

  • [Company News] Case analysis of UPS power system fault Update:2017-04-16 13:42:03

    UPS power supply system fault analysis UPS power supply system in mobile communication network of the existing power occupied the main position in the system. UPS power supply terminals are important communications equipment, electrical eq...

  • [Industry News] About the advantages of diesel generators Update:2017-04-14 13:37:37

    Diesel generator set consists of a diesel engine, a three phase AC synchronous generator, a control cabinet and a variety of auxiliary components. Is a technology intensive, mechanical and electrical integration products. Can effectively g...

  • [Company News] 11 wrong operating methods for diesel generator Update:2017-04-05 14:07:55

    Summarized diesel generator of 11 kinds of wrong operation method 1) after cold start loading operation without warm-up Diesel engine cold machine starts, because of heavy oil viscosity, liquidity is poor, is that shortage of lubricating o...

  • [Company News] A modified method of biogas diesel Update:2017-03-24 08:28:06

    Biogas enginea href= price/a is usually divided into compression ignition and ignition of two types. Use diesel gas pressure ignition dual fuel engine, by a small amount of diesel fuel to ignite gas comp...

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