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  • [News] Huaquan power have a vibrant team Update:2016-09-20 16:21:09

    We have a vibrant team and everyone dedicates their youth and enthusiasm to build the colorful dream for Huaquan . We learn, laugh and study professional knowledge together, and we overcome difficulties one after another to prove to the wo...

  • [News] silent canopy of diesel generator set Update:2016-09-19 16:37:32

    Silent canopy of diesel generator set : significantly reduce the noise to 75db ( at three meters of generator) 1.overall compact structure, small volume, perfect appearance. 2.multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch type sound insulation...

  • [News] exhaust air for china diesel generator Update:2016-09-18 16:02:11

    How to exhaust air for china diesel generator There must be big enough air vent to insure the good condition for air exhausting. Avoiding the sundries in the diesel generator room, there is no sharp turn and block about the air vent. Do no...

  • [News] The cause of the oil pressure is low Update:2016-09-17 16:39:42

    The cause of the oil pressure is low of the diesel generator 1. Oil is dirty, because of the oil filter is too dirty, without replacement timely 2. The shortage of the oil 3. Connecting rod bearing shell is weared heavily 4. Oil pump is ou...

  • [News] Ghana client came to our company for diesel generator Update:2016-09-13 15:46:55

    In order to confirm the product is in high quality. Ghana clients came to our company for placing diesel generator. in the work shop. The client asked many questions and requirements aboutdiesel generator. we also solve his questions one b...

  • [News] Introduce Automatic Control System of diesel genset Update:2016-09-13 15:38:02

    Automatic Control System Features: it can accumulate, store, display output of diesel genset , You can use the communications interface or remote monitoring to modify, adjust and monitor the operating parameters of generator It enables wir...

  • [News] Cause of china diesel generator water temperature is high Update:2016-09-12 15:59:40

    Sometimes the water temperature is high on china diesel generator or other generators. The main cause of the high water temperature has the following aspects: 1, coolant or improper selection of water shortage 2, water radiator plugging 3,...

  • [News] Introduces the working principle of diesel generator set Update:2016-09-09 16:21:45

    We all knowchina diesel generatoris very popular in the world and many customers import generator from China. Today lets learn the working principle of china diesel generator to know much more about it. I think it may be helpful for your c...

  • [News] Fiji clients came to our company for placing order of diesel generator Update:2016-09-08 15:51:58

    Today, the Fiji client came to our company for placing order of dieselgenerato r. our staff accompanied all the time and answer every questions from the client with patience. and we also have a test for the product . and we test for our cu...

  • [News] Sales promotional program of diesel generator Update:2016-09-07 16:18:08

    Sales promotional program of diesel generator : Founded in 2010, Huaquan Power Machinery is located in the diesel engine manufacturing city, Weifang. For many years, we have become a professional manufacturer of diesel generators. We can p...

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